Bringing Digital Screens to Life

Broadcast your message instantly

Smarter digital signage that puts you in charge at all times


Whole industries are undergoing change, embracing digital technologies. A modern, tech-savvy target audience is demanding for a high-energy, interactive and visual experience. Immobile signs, posters and brochures just don’t work as well anymore. Digital signage is current, live, visual, engaging and interactive and even better, it can be updated anytime, anywhere.


More views than static displays


Recall rate by audiences


Increase in employee engagement


Increase in customer satisfaction


Campaign Management

Manage all your campaigns with ease, create at your leisure, portion different messages for different audiences, schedule with no hassle, change at your will and delight in boundless proportions.

Access, Reporting and Analytics

See a live preview of what campaign is playing on which screen with all your content stored in the cloud for easy access. Deliver powerful marketing numbers and measurable content to show what campaigns are playing upcoming campaigns and completed campaigns. You also have the ability to control access to Bluflow.


Our unique pairing of devices means you can sit back and rest easy. There can be no interferences or intrusions in your message.


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Bluflow is a digital signage platform that allows you to control your digital screens from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any device. Monetise your space and produce measurable ROI with our reporting and analytics dashboard to track campaigns playing as well as upcoming and completed campaigns

Simplicity at its core

We built the software around being User-friendly. It is simple with the end user in mind. You’ll love it!

Scale, reach & grow

From the corner cafe to the multi million dollar franchises we can deliver the platform that is right for your business.

Time saving

In our time poor world, creating quick and effective campaigns that delight and without stress is a relief.

Gains on your investment

Attract and retain audiences, build your brand and generate revenue from advertisements to Maximise ROI. It’s a no brainer!

Multiple Users

Add team members to help you manage your campaigns.

Local Australian Support

Are you tired of dealing with CMS platforms that are based overseas? Well with Bluflow we are headquartered in Australia and are keen to work with our partners on developing opportunities and providing high quality Technical Support.


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